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Would You Like to BulletProof YOUR Career Online?

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Bulletproofing logoI’ve partnered with Hannah Morgan (, @careersherpa) to produce our Bulletproofing Your Career Online workshop. We’ve presented Bulletproofing Your Career Online at regional and international conferences in 2012. We’re privileged to provide the keynote at STCPMC13, the annual Society for Technical Communication Philadelphia Metro Chapter’s Mid Atlantic Technical Communication Conference at the Giant Conference Center in Willow Grove, PA on Friday, March 8, 2013, followed up with the workshop the morning of Saturday, March 9, 2013.

We’re interested in procuring other speaking engagements and workshop opportunities. As you may have read in the Infosec Communicator blog, I’m passionate about being safe online. Hannah specializes in Online Reputation Management and is a career consultant.

We invite you to visit our Bulletproofing Your Career Online webpage to learn more about how we think you can leverage social media for your career safely AND effectively. Please like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @SherpaAndGuru

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Why I Want to Serve as a Director for the Society for Technical Communication

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If you’ve visited this site recently, you may have noticed that there’s a menu link to Ben Woelk for STC Director. I was asked by the nominating committee of the Society for Technical Communication to run for a Board position. The Board is the elected leadership of the Society and serves without remuneration. STC is facing significant challenges as the Baby Boomers who built the organization retire and it adapts to the changing priorities of younger generations and I believe I can help position the Society for the future.  If you’d like to hear my position on different challenges facing STC and why I’m running for Director, please listen to my podcast at

Here’s a little background on why I accepted the nomination:

Why I want to serve as a Director

I want to make a difference. The Society for Technical Communication is facing tremendous challenges as it adapts to a culture where volunteerism is waning. I believe my ability to analyze problems and devise solutions, understand customer requirements, and willingness to make tough decisions will serve the Society well.

I believe that the degree of satisfaction we gain from involvement in a professional organization is directly related to the depth of our involvement. One of the most rewarding ways to serve is in leadership. I’ve been able to make a difference in the Rochester chapter as an active leader and as the architect and team lead of the Outreach program of the Community Affairs Committee. Although it’s been challenging, it’s also been incredibly exciting and fulfilling.

I want to be a change agent and help STC reinvent itself to keep pace with a changing profession and society.

Voting in the 2013 Society for Technical Communication (STC) election begins March 11 and ends March 22 at 5 pm ET (10.00 GMT). Visit for details and to learn about the candidates for all positions.

Whether you choose to support me or not, please vote. In the last two Director elections there’s been a 1-2 vote difference between being elected or not.

Thanks for reading this far! If you’re an STC member and would like to pose questions to the candidates, please visit the candidate forum at


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