I am honored and humbled to have received the endorsements below for my director candidacy.

“Ben has been an active member of the Rochester Chapter for many years, serving in a variety of leadership roles such as program manager, co-chair for the Spectrum chapter conference, webmaster, chapter president, and education manager. While co-chairing the Spectrum conference, Ben expanded communication about the conference beyond the Rochester area, attracting presenters and attendees from a wider geographical area and giving the conference a greater regional focus. In 2012, Ben organized the first leadership event for the conference.

Ben has been extensively involved with the Community Affairs Committee, where he was the principal organizer of an outreach team consisting of experienced community leaders. These leaders provide many types of support for all chapters and SIGS, such as mentoring volunteers, promoting best practices, and encouraging clear and effective communication with Society leadership. Ben continues to lead this thriving team.

Ben’s solid experience on both the community and Society level, combined with his proactive and creative approaches to leadership, will serve him well as a board member. I believe he will make significant contributions in this role.”

Lori R. Meyer, STC Associate Fellow, Co-Manager, Technical Editing SIG, Director at Large, Carolina Chapter, Volunteer, Rochester, East Bay, Palm Beaches, and Northeast Ohio chapters, Volunteer, Membership Committee

“Ben Woelk joined STC in 2006 and immediately became active in the Rochester Chapter, serving two terms as Program Manager, and serving as Vice President and manager of the annual Spectrum conference, and as chapter president. Ben and his team transformed the Spectrum conference, the longest running chapter annual conference in STC, from a local to a regional event, fulfilling a goal the chapter had from the time I joined almost 30 years ago. Ben was a highly effective president, and after his term, turned his attention to strengthening the Community Affairs Committee as a means of providing support by volunteers for chapter and SIG leaders—advancing another goal STC has had for a number of years. I have been hoping Ben would run for STC Director, and I am delighted to endorse his candidacy. I am confident Ben will achieve results in everything he takes on as Director, and help lay the groundwork for other volunteers to achieve results too.”

Ann L. Wiley, President, Ann L. Wiley Consultants, Inc., SIG Advocate, STC Fellow

“Ben Woelk’s experience, perspective, and commitment to the profession and to the Society highly qualify him to serve as an STC Director. STC needs leaders who value communities as the organizational building blocks of the Society and the means by which individual members – and non-members –most directly experience STC. As a community leader himself, and then as Outreach Team Lead on the Community Affairs Committee, Ben has proven his commitment to recruiting and supporting community leaders in their efforts to provide value to all members. I heartily recommend Ben Woelk for the position of STC Director.”

Maryann Bowen, Immediate Past President, Southeastern Michigan, STC Associate Fellow

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ben on the Rochester council for several years. Ben has played a key role in the success and vitality of the Rochester chapter by consistently advocating for our local members, encouraging member involvement, and pioneering new strategies and programs. Ben’s dedication at the local level is tireless and I look forward to seeing his enthusiasm as a leader, speaker, and volunteer carry over to the national level.”

Stephany Fuchs, President, Rochester, Senior Member

“Ben Woelk works to make the Society for Technical Communication the best organization that it can be. He treats every member, question, and idea with respect. In his role as Community Affairs Committee representative, Ben fosters an environment of open communication with the chapters in his purview so that members can come up with solutions as a team. He empowers members to feel as if they are an intelligent part of a first-rate organization. He will make an excellent Director because he leads with compassion and empowers others.”

Julie Waxgiser, First Vice-President, New York Metro, Member

“I wholeheartedly endorse Ben Woelk for a position on the STC Board of Directors. Ben and I were Chapter presidents during the same year and he was always willing to help and always led by example. For the past 18 months, I have worked with Ben on the Outreach Team as part of the STC CAC. Ben is a strong leader and an excellent mentor. STC needs someone like Ben on the Board — he is a dedicated professional who is a proven leader with a desire to help others advance in the field of Tech Comm.”

MaryKay Grueneberg, Past President, Chicago, CAC Outreach Team, Senior Member

“I have worked with Ben on the CAC for several years. His energy, initiative, and perseverance in creating an outreach program have achieved a long-sought goal. Since the reorganization that took away the role of director-sponsors, almost a decade ago, many of us have looked for a way to preserve STC’s institutional knowledge and pass it on to new volunteers. Ben’s outreach program puts “old gray heads” in touch with current community leaders. In creating this mechanism and making it work, Ben has gained the sort of nuts-and-bolts understanding of STC communities that will help him be an effective Society leader.”

Richard Mateosian, CAC member, STC Fellow

“Ben is to STC what chocolate chips are to cookies. They are better together! With many years of volunteer leadership experience, I was lucky enough to meet Ben at a past STC Summit and watch him “find his tribe” and raise the STC volunteer leadership bar to a new height. A skilled and qualified presenter, Ben is our keynote speaker and workshop leader at the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Technical Communication Conference and Workshops: Sharpening Your Personal Brand.

I have the pleasure of seeing the benefits of Ben’s service at the chapter, regional, and international levels of the Society. In addition to being an expert on managing and rewarding volunteers, Ben brings competence and professionalism to all aspects of his service.

I always want to be where Ben is. He will serve as a volunteer magnet for STC. I am enthusiastic and unwavering in my support and endorsement of Ben for our STC Board of Directors.”

Barrie Byron, Membership Manager, Palm Beaches, Publicity Manager, Greater New York and Philadelphia Regional TechComm Competition, STC Associate Fellow

“Ben Woelk’s years of leadership and volunteer service within STC have improved our vital communities. He responds quickly and professionally to all requests for advice and considers all angles before making a recommendation. His enthusiasm for the profession shines through in everything he does. I wholeheartedly support his candidacy for Director.”

Carolyn Kelley Klinger, Immediate Past President, Washington, DC and Metro Baltimore, STC Associate Fellow

“My experience of Ben has grown from the leadership program at the STC Summit and through the Community Affairs Committee. He is an able, dedicated, knowledgeable and energetic proponent of the STC who is deeply committed to evolving the Society to meet the needs of its members. In addition to being an effective technical communicator (and skookum musician!), Ben understands the challenges that the profession and the Society need to address. STC membership will benefit greatly from his contributions. I can endorse him wholeheartedly in his desire to serve as a Director of our Society. I’m voting for him in the upcoming election.”

Mellissa Ruryk, President, STC-Canada West Coast

“I wholeheartedly endorse Ben Woelk’s candidacy for a director position on the STC Board. For the past two years I have worked closely with Ben on the Society’s Community Affairs Committee (CAC). As CAC lead for community outreach, Ben has worked tirelessly to solve issues confronting STC communities. Drawing upon his long experience as a leader in the Rochester chapter, Ben is innovative, resourceful, and practical in his solutions. Electing him to the Board will give the Society’s governing body broader and deeper insight into the needs of its constituency—the STC communities. Nobody knows them better than Ben, nor has anybody worked harder for them. Ben sings a little off key, but in view of his manifold other qualifications, we’ll let that pass. :)”

Dan Voss, CAC Co-Lead for Student Outreach, STC Fellow, Member, Orlando-Central Florida Chapter, Academic SIG, AccessAbility SIG, Management SIG

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