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Value Proposition or Vision Statement? — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for including me, Ben. It’s a tricky time for membership-based services in many industries. So many businesses (news, entertainment, networking) are watching free online services cut deeper into their revenue streams as each year passes.

    As FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter usage grows, so much of the networking that used to occur at professional conferences is now happening daily, for free. That said, there is a powerful opportunity for close connection through face to face interactions that online will never fully replace. So, in my mind, the value proposition for any local society chapter would include that intangible, but obvious, benefit of in-person conversation with like-minded peers.

    I don’t know how you quantify that financially, but it is priceless.

    • Thanks Tristan.

      I’m publishing my personal STC Rochester value proposition in my next blog entry. Face to face is really important.


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