Bulletproofing Workshop


Bulletproofing Your Career Online Workshop

Maintaining a positive secure internet brand is key to a successful career today. Managing that brand safely, and effectively yields positive results. Practicing safe social networking protects yourself and others.


Our workshop will equip you to:

  • Understand and apply tools and practices that will protect you online
  • Understand and mitigate social networking privacy risks
  • Determine the best social networks to further your career
  • Create an effective social profile that showcases your brand
  • Learn how to monitor your online social presence

Schedule of activities

  • Review key concepts in safe social networking, including privacy expectations, technical solutions, and best practices.
  • Review key concepts in online reputation management. Develop Branding statements and writing styles for social profiles/bios that are interesting, enticing and unique.
  • Learn to create effective passphrases, use a password vault, determine and configure typical security software, and understand and choose effective social networking privacy settings.
  • Create or modify existing social networking profiles appropriate for their career goals; see where they rank in search engines; and review tools for monitoring page ranking such as setting up Google alerts and BrandYourself.
  • Wrap up

If you’d like to find out more about scheduling a workshop, please contact Ben at info@benwoelk.com


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