Ben Woelk: Public Speaker

I’m an effective speaker with multiple areas of expertise: information security (governance, policy development, awareness and training), technical communication (process development, corporate communications, creating and executing communications plans), and introverted leadership.

I’ve provided workshops and talks across the United States and England. I also conduct webinars and present in other virtual formats.

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I really enjoyed this session because a lot of things were said that I could relate to, but it’s often hard to talk about in other settings. It has already helped me accept my introversion more and start to learn how to leverage it instead of seeing it as a weakness, which I mostly had until recently.

Ben gave a personal, honest, and informative talk that provided insightful information about how introverts can still excel as leaders. We just have a different way of going about it.

–Comments on An Introvert’s Journey to Leadership, May 2016


Selected Presentations and Workshops

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