Hope for the Introvert Podcast

The Hope for the Introvert podcast is a series of conversations with and about introverted leaders, their strengths, and how they apply them in the workplace and other parts of life. Ben Woelk chats with guests about the challenges many of us face as introverts and how we overcome them. These honest and open discussions provide practical strategies for empowering you to be effective leaders and influencers–strategies that leverage your introvert strengths. What strengths do you attribute to your introverted nature?

Ben Woelk is an introverted leader whose passion is mentoring and coaching introverted leaders. He’s had the opportunity to speak across the world about how others can become successful leaders by identifying and actualizing their introvert strengths. Those opportunities led to the creation of Introverted Leadership, a mentoring program that provides coaching services to empower prospective leaders based on the unique abilities your introverted nature provides.

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Victoria Lioznyansky Headshot

Episode 34: Victoria Lioznyansky–Public Speaking for Introverts

Episode 034 Show Notes: Victoria Lioznyansky Introduction Victoria Lioznyansky and Ben Woelk discuss public speaking for introverts and the secret to being a great presenter. Key concepts
  • Public speaking for introverts
  • Secrets to being a good presenter
  • Introvert strengths and presentations
  • Brilliant Speakers Academy
Quotable As introverts, we have a lot of strengths, a ...
Victoria Lioznyansky Headshot

Episode 033: Victoria Lioznyansky–Introverts and Starting a Business

Episode 033 Show Notes: Victoria Lioznyansky Introduction Victoria Lioznyansky and Ben Woelk discuss starting a small business as an introvert, discussing her experiences with Nutty Scientists of Houston and the Brilliant Speakers Academy. Key concepts
  • Building a business takes passion, skill, and discipline
  • Introverts can be good at consultative sales
  • STEAM or STEM-A is a ...
Eeshita Grover headshot

Episode 032: Eeshita Grover–Leveraging Introvert Strengths

Episode 032 Show Notes: Eeshita Grover Introduction Eeshita Grover and Ben Woelk discuss leveraging your introvert strengths in the workplace as a manager and to advance in your career. Key concepts
  • Introverts have a heightened sense of empathy
  • Introverts are analytical and process information internally, and often longer
  • Introverts can appear to be detached
  • Introverts ...
Eeshita Grover headshot

Episode 031: Eeshita Grover–Getting Out of Your Bubble

Episode 031 Show Notes: Eeshita Grover Introduction Eeshita Grover and Ben Woelk discuss the need to get out of your bubble to achieve your aspirations, the best placement of techcomm teams, and working in an open office setting. Key concepts
  • Open workspace environments can be challenging for introverts
  • Technical writers and engineers work similarly, often ...
Andrea Childress headshot

Episode 030: Andrea Childress–Women in IT and Information Security Leadership

Episode 030 Show Notes: Andrea Childress Introduction Andrea Childress and Ben Woelk discuss women in IT and Information Security leadership in Higher Education, her Women in Security panel presentation at the EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference, and strategies for overcoming the leadership gender gap. Note: Andrea is now UNK Chief Information Officer and University of Nebraska Assistant Vice President for Information ...