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Ben encouraged a warm, supportive atmosphere for us to investigate our own temperament types and compare them with others. The collaborative workshop has given me a whole new way of looking at things and understanding why some people approach things in such different ways to me. Everyday occurrences keep making me stop and go "Oh! That's what's going on!"

Jen P.

( TCUK Workshop Attendee )

Ben delivered a keynote speech at a recent UK tech comm conference and it was a revelation. Not only to find a self-confessed introvert happily talking to a huge room of people, but also to learn more about the differences between introvert and extrovert natures. I feel I have a better understanding of my own place on the scale and of how I can more usefully interpret specific behaviours that I previously saw as character flaws. It has also made me more tolerant of others’ behaviour when it differs from my own. Thanks Ben!

Helen H.

( TCUK Keynote Attendee )

The Introverted Leadership mentoring program has helped me articulate who I am through the use of personality testing and what I want through discussion and exploration. Ben and I have studied methods of creativity and new thinking styles for me to use in my work as a designer. As an introvert, I tend to show my skills rather than talk about them. Because I don’t generally discuss my work, I manage to undervalue myself regularly. Ben sensed that about me and his honest, valuable feedback has increased my confidence. His intuition has helped me learn more about myself, and we have consistently turned those insights into actions.

Kelsey headshot

Kelsey L.

( mentee )

I basked in being part of an introvert majority for once while attending Ben's Temperament-based Strategies for Excelling in the Workplace workshop at a recent technical communication conference. His approach was humorous, informative, and engaging and I appreciated his incorporation of group discussion and creative assignments.

Mary S.

( Summit Workshop Attendee )

Ben's perspective and advice have encouraged me to think outside the box and try new things. I have gained a greater sense of self awareness and understanding, which has empowered me to embrace my introversion, identify my strengths, and actively work to improve my skills! My mentorship with Ben has benefited me immensely, both in my professional and personal life.

Christine C.

( mentee )


Ben Woelk Speaking Schedule–Spring 2019

Spring 2019 Speaking Schedule Here’s my virtual and in-person schedule. I hope to see many of you. Don’t forget to listen to the Hope for the Introvert podcast!   Schedule Date Event Topic Format More information 30 January Southwestern Ontario Webinar The Introvert in the Workplace: Becoming an Influencer and Leader Webinar 31 January Content

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Episode 012: Helen Harbord–Culture, Temperament, and Meeting Behavior

Episode 012 Show Notes: Helen Harbord Introduction Helen Harbord and Ben Woelk discuss the impact of culture on temperament,  and how Americans, Brits, extroverts, and introverts behave in meetings.   LinkedIn Email Key concepts Culture and Temperament Introverts and Extroverts in Meetings Quotable I think when people talk about introverts it tends to often have a

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Episode 011: Janine Rowe–Introvert Role Models

Episode 011 Show Notes: Janine Rowe Introduction Janine Rowe and Ben Woelk discuss the importance of introvert role models, Matilda, Eighth Grade, and a couple of painful public experiences we had as introverts.   LinkedIn Email Key concepts Influencing and leading Classroom superlatives Role models Quotable I remember so clearly–the day that I found out my

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Episode 010: Janine Rowe–Neurodiversity and Finding Your Niche

Episode 010 Show Notes: Janine Rowe Introduction Janine Rowe and Ben Woelk discuss neurodiversity and career counseling, MBTI, career choice and finding your niche, and presentations.  LinkedIn Email Key concepts Neurodiversity MBTI Preparing for presentations Quotable Neurodiverse students and diverse individuals–that really refers to individuals who have some variance in how they learn and think

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Episode 009: Jennifer Kahnweiler–Introvert Champions

Episode 009 Show Notes: Jennifer Kahnweiler Introduction Jennifer Kahnweiler and Ben Woelk chat about introvert champions, the 2nd edition of The Introverted Leader, diversity and introverts in the workplace, and the four Ps of introverted leadership–Prepare, Present, Push, and Practice. LinkedIn Email Twitter Instagram Key concepts An extrovert championing introverts The four Ps of introverted

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Kirk St Amant headshot

Episode 008: Kirk St Amant–Reflective Listener and Leader

Episode 008 Show Notes: Kirk St. Amant Introduction Kirk St. Amant and Ben Woelk discuss what it’s like being “on” as an introvert, and his introvert strengths of being a reflective listener and being able to tease out details to help people focus and express their ideas. Kirk has some interesting comments on public speaking

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