Temperament-based Strategies for Excelling in the Workplace

STC18 Workshop

Temperament-based Strategies for Excelling in the Workplace

Today’s workplace presents challenges for introverted and extraverted team members. Many workplaces are adopting open space layouts that foster teamwork but provide little opportunities for introverts to contribute as individuals. Because of Western society’s emphasis on extraversion, many introverts feel unsuited or ill-equipped to thrive in today’s workplace and are not sure how to take that next step to increase influence and improve visibility. Whether you’re an introvert or an extravert, you’ll benefit from understanding your temperament and how you interact best with others.

Attendees will

  • learn general and specific insights gained from personality and temperament typing
  • identity their strengths and weaknesses
  • discuss workplace challenges
  • learn strategies to mitigate these challenges
  • create an action plan to revive and thrive

Attendees will benefit most from the workshop if they know their Myers-Briggs/temperament profile in advance. I recommend taking the tests at humanmetrics.com and keirsey.com before attending.

Contact me if you’d like a 1/2 or full day Temperament-based Strategies for Excelling in the Workplace workshop at your conference.

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