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Why CPTC Certification?

What value does a CPTC certification have for you? Listen to my interview with Estelle Hicks-Bennett for an in-depth discussion. Are you a seasoned technical communicator? Are you changing careers into technical communication? Are you a university student? Career Changers Let’s talk about what certification can mean for people transitioning from another career into technical communication. I began working as ...
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RIT CPTC Exam Preparation Class Beginning June 2021

CPTC Exam Prep Class Please join me for an eight-session weekly virtual training course for the STC Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC) Foundation exam offered through the Rochester Institute of Technology. 7-8:30 PM Thursday evenings from 3 June to 22 July, 2021. Register today for the June 2021 prep class on Zoom through RIT In this eight-session weekly class for ...
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Episode 34: Victoria Lioznyansky–Public Speaking for Introverts

Episode 034 Show Notes: Victoria Lioznyansky Introduction Victoria Lioznyansky and Ben Woelk discuss public speaking for introverts and the secret to being a great presenter. LinkedIn Email Key concepts Public speaking for introverts Secrets to being a good presenter Introvert strengths and presentations Brilliant Speakers Academy Quotable As introverts, we have a lot of strengths, a lot of strengths. And ...
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Episode 033: Victoria Lioznyansky–Introverts and Starting a Business

Episode 033 Show Notes: Victoria Lioznyansky Introduction Victoria Lioznyansky and Ben Woelk discuss starting a small business as an introvert, discussing her experiences with Nutty Scientists of Houston and the Brilliant Speakers Academy. LinkedIn Email Key concepts Building a business takes passion, skill, and discipline Introverts can be good at consultative sales STEAM or STEM-A is a great way to ...
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Episode 032: Eeshita Grover–Leveraging Introvert Strengths

Episode 032 Show Notes: Eeshita Grover Introduction Eeshita Grover and Ben Woelk discuss leveraging your introvert strengths in the workplace as a manager and to advance in your career. LinkedIn Email Key concepts Introverts have a heightened sense of empathy Introverts are analytical and process information internally, and often longer Introverts can appear to be detached Introverts are often self ...

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