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Episode 024: Gabby Pascuzzi–Vulnerability and Leaning In

Episode 024 Show Notes: Gabby Pascuzzi Introduction Gabby Pascuzzi and Ben Woelk talk about the importance of vulnerability and openness in the workplace, empathy, and leaning into weakness. Twitter Key concepts Remote work can be challenging because so much of communication is non verbal. Vulnerability and openness can be a strength When you lean into a perceived weakness you may ...
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Ben Woelk Speaking Schedule–Fall 2019

Fall 2019 Speaking Schedule Here's my virtual and in-person schedule for Fall 2019. I hope to see many of you. Check back for updates. Don't forget to listen to the Hope for the Introvert podcast! Schedule Date Event Topic Format More information 2 October Rochester Security Summit We're All Winners: Gamification and Security Awareness Presentation  Rochester, NY 4 October 2019 ...
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Episode 023: Tara Hughes–Impostor Syndrome

Episode 023 Show Notes: Tara Hughes Introduction Tara Hughes and Ben Woelk talk about impostor syndrome. and her presentation at the 2019 EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference. LinkedIn Email Twitter Key concepts A presentation can be a self improvement project Being vulnerable as a presenter can help the audience connect with you Even experts can struggle with impostor syndrome When there's ...
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Episode 22: Tara Hughes–Unexpected Career Paths

Episode 022 Show Notes: Tara Hughes Introduction Tara Hughes and Ben Woelk talk about their unexpected career paths as introverts with non-technical backgrounds working in Information Technology. LinkedIn Email Twitter Key concepts Emergency hires that become permanent positions INFJ and managing students Physical exercise and processing the day Imposter Syndrome and panic attacks Quotable My path to my career is ...
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Episode 021: Marcy Phelps–Introvert Strengths

Episode 021 Show Notes: Marcy Phelps Introduction Marcy Phelps and Ben Woelk talk about how knowing introvert strengths empowers introverted leaders. LinkedIn Marcy Phelps & Associates Key concepts Serving on a non-profit board Mentoring is a great form of leadership Mentoring benefits the mentor and the mentee Start your leadership journey by starting small Quotable Mentoring is a great leadership ...
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