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Episode 029: Andrea Childress–Building Social Skills and Networking

Episode 029 Show Notes: Andrea Childress Introduction Andrea Childress and Ben Woelk discuss building social skills as an introvert, networking, and the importance of mentoring. Note: Andrea is now UNK Chief Information Officer and University of Nebraska Assistant Vice President for Information Technology Services . LinkedIn Email Twitter Key concepts You can improve social skills by practicing and intentionally getting ...
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Episode 28: Megan Mack–Introverts and Improvisation

Episode 028 Show Notes: Megan Mack Introduction Megan Mack and Ben Woelk discuss the importance of improvisation exercises for introverts and building communication skills. Twitter Email Key concepts Improvisation skills help introverts Improv is about listening and reacting Introverts can be amazing improv facilitators Ben's Introverts and Leadership class includes an improvisation workshop Mirroring helps communicate with people in a ...
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Episode 027: Megan Mack–Empathy and Meaningful Discourse

Episode 027 Show Notes: Megan Mack Introduction Megan Mack and Ben Woelk talk about empathy, meaningful discourse and countering hate speech, not being the loudest voice in the room, and trusting your instincts. Twitter Email Key concepts Producing a WXXI radio program Advantages of not being the loudest voice in the room Turned your internal monologue off and stopping judging ...
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Episode 026: Ben Woelk–Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Episode 026 Show Notes: Ben Woelk Introduction Ben Woelk shares his article, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road: A Leadership Journey to the Emerald City." Ben discusses the leadership lessons from the journey for the Scarecrow, a Rational leader, the Tin Woodman, an Idealist leader, and the Lion, an Artisan leader. Key concepts The Wizard of Oz provides leadership lessons. Rational leaders ...
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Episode 025: Gabby Pascuzzi–Survivor, Vulnerability, and Authenticity

Episode 025 Show Notes: Gabby Pascuzzi Introduction Gabby Pascuzzi and Ben Woelk talk about Survivor, being vulnerable with your emotions, leaning in to who you are, and the need for authenticity in the workplace. Twitter Key concepts Scary challenges show you what you're capable of. We are prone to underestimating ourselves. You have to embrace the struggle in some ways ...
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