Hope for the Introvert Podcast

The Hope for the Introvert podcast is a series of conversations with and about introverted leaders, their strengths, and how they apply them in the workplace and other parts of life. Ben Woelk chats with guests about the challenges many of us face as introverts and how we overcome them. These honest and open discussions provide practical strategies for empowering you to be effective leaders and influencers–strategies that leverage your introvert strengths. What strengths do you attribute to your introverted nature?

Ben Woelk is an introverted leader whose passion is mentoring and coaching introverted leaders. He’s had the opportunity to speak across the world about how others can become successful leaders by identifying and actualizing their introvert strengths. Those opportunities led to the creation of Introverted Leadership, a mentoring program that provides coaching services to empower prospective leaders based on the unique abilities your introverted nature provides.

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Episode 010: Janine Rowe–Neurodiversity, Career Counseling, and Finding Your Niche

Episode 010: Janine Rowe--Neurodiversity, Career Counseling, and Finding Your Niche Show Notes Introduction Janine Rowe and Ben Woelk discuss neurodiversity and career counseling, MBTI, career choice and finding your niche, and presentations.  Key concepts
  • Neurodiversity
  • MBTI
  • Preparing for presentations
Quotable Neurodiverse students and diverse individuals--that really refers to individuals who have some variance in ...
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Episode 009: Jennifer Kahnweiler–Introvert Champions

Episode 009: Jennifer Kahnweiler--Introvert Champions Show Notes Introduction Jennifer Kahnweiler and Ben Woelk chat about introvert champions, the 2nd edition of The Introverted Leader, diversity and introverts in the workplace, and the four Ps of introverted leadership--Prepare, Present, Push, and Practice. Key concepts
  • An extrovert championing introverts
  • The four Ps of introverted leadership
  • ...
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Kirk St Amant headshot

Episode 008: Kirk St Amant–Reflective Listener and Leader

Episode 008: Kirk St Amant--Active Listener and Leader Show Notes Introduction Kirk and I discuss what it's like being "on" as an introvert, and his introvert strengths of being a reflective listener and being able to tease out details to help people focus and express their ideas. Kirk has some interesting comments on public speaking as well. 
Kirk St Amant headshot

Episode 007: Kirk St Amant–The Introvert in the Classroom

Episode 007: Kirk St Amant--The Introvert in the Classroom Show Notes Introduction Prof. Kirk St. Amant and Ben Woelk discuss what it's like to be an introvert in the classroom, how we engage students, and the role of popular culture in teaching. We also discuss how we adapt to the absence of in-person feedback mechanisms in webinars and online courses ...
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Alisa Bonsignore headshot

Episode 006: Alisa Bonsignore–Growing as a Leader

Episode 006: Alisa Bonsignore--Growing as a Leader Show Notes Introduction Alisa Bonsignore is the principal of Clarifying Complex Ideas, a strategic communications consultancy in the Bay Area with clients around the world. We discuss thought leadership, volunteering, the leadership journey, and career growth.
  • Twitter: @ClearWriter
  • Email: hello@clarifyingcomplexideas.com
Key concepts
  • Thought leadership
  • Volunteering
  • Mentoring
  • Career growth
  • No single path ...
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