Hope for the Introvert Podcast

The Hope for the Introvert podcast is a series of conversations with and about introverted leaders, their strengths, and how they apply them in the workplace and other parts of life. Ben Woelk chats with guests about the challenges many of us face as introverts and how we overcome them. These honest and open discussions provide practical strategies for empowering you to be effective leaders and influencers–strategies that leverage your introvert strengths. What strengths do you attribute to your introverted nature?

Ben Woelk is an introverted leader whose passion is mentoring and coaching introverted leaders. He’s had the opportunity to speak across the world about how others can become successful leaders by identifying and actualizing their introvert strengths. Those opportunities led to the creation of Introverted Leadership, a mentoring program that provides coaching services to empower prospective leaders based on the unique abilities your introverted nature provides.

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Melanie Seibert headshot

Episode 018: Melanie Seibert–Collaboration as an Introvert

Episode 018 Show Notes: Melanie Seibert Introduction Melanie Seibert and Ben Woelk chat about what it means to be a content strategist and collaboration as an introvert. Key concepts
  • Content strategy
  • Collaborative workspaces
  • Creativity exercises
Quotable So for an introvert, it's really interesting to be expected to be in office during core business ...
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Roxy Greninger

Episode 017: Roxy Greninger–A Life Lived for Others

Episode 017 Show Notes: Roxy Greninger Introduction Roxy Greninger and Ben Woelk discuss living a life focused on others, the impact of childhood experiences, and finally--the impetus for the Hope for the Introvert podcast. Key concepts
  • Influencers
  • Growing up and your circle
  • Community
  • Being exposed to diverse people
  • Growing up as an introvert
  • ...
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Roxy Greninger

Episode 016: Roxy Greninger–Culture Consultant and Brightest Part

Episode 016 Show Notes: Roxy Greninger Introduction Roxy Greninger and Ben Woelk discuss Roxy's role as a culture consultant and being the brightest part of someone's day. Key concepts
  • Changing a business culture
  • Re-engineering content
  • StrengthsFinder
  • Being intentional
  • Being the brightest spot of someone's day
Quotable You need to be intentional as ...
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Roxy Greninger

Episode 015: Roxy Greninger–Growing Your Circle

Episode 015 Show Notes: Roxy Greninger Introduction Roxy Greninger and Ben Woelk discuss Roxy's work with Growing Your Circle and her experience at Spectrum 2018 of finding her tribe.   Key concepts
  • Grow Your Circle
  • Outgoing introverts
  • Unexpected benefits of attending a conference
Quotable I think that people don't always have a clear ...
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Episode 014: Ben Woelk–Lessons Learned on an Introvert’s Journey to Leadership

Episode 014 Show Notes: Ben Woelk Introduction Ben Woelk discusses lessons learned on his introvert's journey to leadership. This post is based on an article previously published on October 17, 2016 in the EDUCAUSE Review: The Professional Commons Blog and on benwoelk.com. Key concepts
  • Self understanding is the key for being a good leader
  • Identify and harness ...
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