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Update 14 March 2018 SUCCESS. I was elected!

I’m running for Vice President of the Society for Technical Communication. This is a three-year commitment. I would serve as VP (2018-19), President (2019-20), and Immediate Past President (2020-21). The STC election runs from February 26th to March 9th, 2018. If you’re an STC member, you’ll receive your ballot instructions by email.  (If you’re not yet a member, join! STC is a great organization to jump start and sustain your career.)

Candidate Statement

Fellow STC Members,

I am thrilled to be on the ballot for Vice President of STC. I’ve found that my membership and experiences gained in STC have had a profound impact on my career and growth as a leader. I’ve had the opportunity to serve our local chapter, help chapter leaders across STC through the Community Affairs Committee, and help redefine our vision as a previous member of the STC Board of Directors. I’d like to continue my service to STC as your Vice President.

Goals for STC

  • Focus on building STC, by serving and equipping our members to succeed in tomorrow’s workplace
  • Identify prospective members and develop plans to attract and retain them
  • Understand what value our members want and need from STC
  • Provide meaningful engagement and leadership opportunities for our current and future members
  • Foster health and longevity by being responsive to the needs of our current and future members
  • Be and remain relevant in a rapidly evolving profession
  • Lead the profession by providing valuable resources and building expert practitioners
  • Have a profound impact on our careers
  • Honor and serve our longtime members


The role of the Board is to be strategic. However, it’s also important to be pragmatic. We will use what works while maintaining continuity with the vision and mission of STC. We must maintain a strategic focus while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

I recognize that building for the future could mean significant structural changes to what membership means and how the office supports the Society. Yes, we need to be able to discard less-relevant initiatives that are not working. I also recognize that we may need to reinstate specific initiatives to ensure we represent the profession.

Yes, we have challenges and opportunities. Let’s embrace them and work together to strengthen STC and ensure we maintain a leadership role in technical communication.

I greatly appreciate your support and will do my utmost to serve the Society and our membership well as your Vice President and future President!

Your vote matters. Many times only a few votes separate candidates.

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STC Leaders

I have known Ben Woelk for over 10 years. Ben is an effective leader who is passionate about both STC and the profession of technical communication. Ben is a doer. He leads by example. He is a collaborative leader open to the input of others. His commitment is evident in his service to the Society at both the Community, as well as the International level.

In addition, he understands the importance of growing new leaders and has been involved with STC leadership development for as long as I have known him. He consistently focuses on growing the next generation of technical communicators through both formal methods, such as conferences, and informal methods, such as mentoring.

His professional background and his visionary orientation give him a firm foundation for leading STC into the future. He has always been a strategic thinker. He has had a breadth of experience in his 20-plus years in the profession: consulting to Fortune 500 companies, helping manage a small business, and working in Higher Education as a practitioner and professor. He clearly understands the importance of reinvention and transformation when necessary to stay current with the needs of the market and the changing pace of technology. He understands the process of determining when initiatives need to be re-evaluated and possibly adjusted or even eliminated.

I cannot think of anyone more qualified to serve in the position of Vice President and throughout the presidential chain. Ben will serve STC very well.

–Judith L. Glick-Smith, Ph.D., STC Fellow, STC Past President


Over many years, it has been my privilege and pleasure to share service to STC with Ben Woelk, on the Community Affairs Committee (CAC) and on the board. If there’s one thing I know about Ben from that sometimes turbulent period, it’s that he approaches everything – from daily business to crisis management – with the same calm and aplomb. He examines issues on the merit, and makes considered judgements, based on data, facts, and reasoning, rather than on emotion of the moment. His intervention style during debates has often helped to keep us on track, looking at the elements that really count. For many years, now, STC has been wrestling with the need to reinvent itself, to be relevant to a new generation of technical communicators whose needs and problems rarely resemble the ones we older professionals had to face. I am convinced that Ben is prepared to take leadership in hand and carry STC forward in a positive direction that will bring that process closer to fulfillment. I am very pleased that he has decided to run for VP, and endorse his candidacy wholeheartedly.

–Ray Gallon, Former STC Director and Past President, STC France
President and Co-founder, The Transformation Society


Two great qualities in a leader: humility and the art of listening. Not only is Ben highly capable; he’s a leader who truly listens to others and respects their ideas. For this reason, I endorse Ben Woelk for STC vice president.

I’ve never met Ben face-to-face. Our acquaintance has been virtual. But as a former STC France president, I had several opportunities to interact with Ben. Even at a distance, I was impressed by the respect he gives to others and how interested he is in what others think and say. These qualities are invaluable for a leader in a membership organization.

Ben is also passionate about our industry and the STC organization. His professional experience is evident. I believe he understands the issues we face in the industry today and is equipped to help us address those issues.

–Toni Ressaire, Past President, STC France


I’ve known Ben for almost a decade. During that time, his dedication to the technical communication profession, the STC organization, and STC members has been unsurpassed. He builds bridges and offers innovative solutions. He understands the nuts and bolts of the organization. He demonstrates integrity and calm during difficult times. Through his previous service as director, he knows what it takes to make tough decisions, implement change, and move initiatives forward.

Ben’s quiet, thoughtful leadership style is coupled with a strategic vision and a sense of humor. He’s easy to work with and approaches any task from a genuine love for the organization and the technical communication field. A true servant-leader, he has shown through his work with the Community Affairs Committee a dedication to the communities and the needs of the membership at large.

Ben is a forward-looking leader who won’t be afraid to make the changes needed to take STC into the 2020s. He understands technology and how to leverage it for better communication and a stronger organization. His service record speaks for itself. No one is more qualified, and there’s no one I trust more.

It’s my privilege to endorse Ben Woelk for STC Vice President.

–Andrea Wenger, STC Associate Fellow, Past Member, STC Nominating Committee, Past President, STC Carolina Chapter


Ben Woelk wants to see the Society for Technical Communication thrive. He knows that it takes hard work and knows how to build confidence, knowledge, skills, and the network of its members.

Ben is all about empowerment. He wants people in the field of technical communications to have the tools they need to succeed by learning concepts, improving soft or practical skills, and developing a strong network. He gives his time and energy to the Society for Technical Communication because he believes in the organization and its members. I have attended multiple presentations that Ben has given at the Summit over the years. The participants always leave his presentations with positive energy and the motivation to implement their newfound practical knowledge. He encourages and empowers people to recognize their value and contributions and share them with others in the field. Ben encourages open dialogue, leaving everyone feeling positive, confident, and motivated.

Ben Woelk is a true champion of practitioners in the field of technical communications and gives his all to see the profession and STC grow and thrive.

–Julie Waxgiser, Immediate Past President, STC NY Metro chapter,
Moderator, STC Women in Tech Comm SIG


As a Past President of our Society, I continue to work with Ben on numerous projects continuing ideas implemented during our time on the Board of Directors. Ben always has well thought out and intelligent suggestions to problems and has provided guidance through some very demanding and difficult times. He works with, and advocates for, every type of member we have from students and new members through to the most senior of technical communicators. Ben is familiar with the communities and their needs, the way the Board operates, the STC staff, and all our corporate partners through his work with managing STC conferences.

A President must be well respected, know the right people to invite to take on leadership roles, keep the best interests of the Society in mind, balance our financial wants with our income, be passionate about the work that lies ahead, and always be an advocate for our profession and the people in it. Ben does all of this, and is one of the strongest candidates I’ve known. I am thrilled beyond words to see him running for this vital role and encourage everyone to consider the full slate, and vote to elect the strongest Board we can build.

–Bernard Aschwanden, Past President (2016-17), STC


Why I am voting for Ben Woelk: Some of you might know me as an advocate for women in techcomm, so why have I chosen to vote for Ben and not Pam? I’m voting for Ben because advocating for women means doing anything and everything I can to support the success of all women in techcomm. Women in technical communication need a strong and relevant professional organization.

I don’t personally know either Ben or Pam. I’ve been a member of the STC for about 20 years, so I’m sure our paths have crossed before either in a SIG, a committee, or a techcomm social media group. But I don’t consider either one a close friend. Therefore, I made my decision, not on personality or a personal relationship, but through review of what each “communicated” about their goals for the STC.

Pam shared the following in her candidate statement:

“As a board member, I will focus on two primary areas of growth for the Society: developing our professional status and building bridges forward and across our field.”

Ben shared the following in his candidate statement:

“I recognize that building for the future could mean significant structural changes to what membership means and how the office supports the Society. Yes, we need to be able to discard less-relevant initiatives that are not working. I also recognize that we may need to reinstate specific initiatives to ensure we represent the profession.”

I’m personally not interested in growing the organization, developing our professional status, or building bridges–not that those things aren’t wonderful, but because STC has been preaching that for the last 20 years, a period in which the STC has not flourished. I personally feel that STC as a professional organization is broken (or at least stagnant), and I see a need for “significant structural change.”

The role of Vice President is very important because the Vice President automatically succeeds to the role of President, so I hope all members do their due diligence and chose a VP they feel will serve STC member (men, women, unicorns, etc.) the best.

–Yvonne Wade Sanchez, STC Senior Member


Integrity. Respect. Service. These are the qualities that come to mind when I think of Ben Woelk. I endorse Ben for Vice President of the Society for Technical Communication (STC).

I’ve known Ben for several years and served with him on the STC Society-level committee, Community Affairs Committee (CAC). Ben envisioned an Outreach program for communities and spearheaded the interaction between chapters and SIGs. As a result, communities were engaged, informed, and active. Ben was my successor as Chair of the CAC. When I stepped down from that position, I did so without the slightest trepidation, knowing that Ben would lead the CAC to new heights and accomplish more than I ever dreamed of.

Ben embodies the term Servant Leader. He empowers his team and truly respects each person’s contributions. He has the integrity to complete the work required and not focus on his own aspirations. Ben genuinely cares about STC and will do everything in his power to make STC thrive and be relevant to current and future members. Vote for Ben!

–Tricia Spayer, STC Associate Fellow
STC Board of Directors and Community Affairs Committee 2010-2013


Ben is everything he says he is… he truly is passionate about making a difference. He is a strategist and future thinker who strengthens every organization in which he is involved. He absolutely enables others to exercise their passions and to discover their leadership abilities. He is a true professional. He has always been there to assist the Orlando Central Florida Chapter whenever we have needed him. He has my support in whatever endeavor he takes on.

–Debra Johnson, Past President, STC Orlando


I am pleased to endorse Ben Woelk for vice president of STC. If Ben is elected, STC will obtain the services of an active volunteer and problem-solver who brings a combination of in-depth and wide-ranging experience to the office. That’s not common. Most people’s experience is either one or the other; rarely does one individual bring to the table both deep knowledge of a field plus experience in several of its real-world outlets. That experience and knowledge enable a person such as Ben to understand the ramifications of decisions in advance. As a result, the decisions that are made are more likely to benefit the most members.

Coupled with work experience spanning both private industry and higher education is Ben’s obvious commitment to the foundations of STC—its members and chapters. Ben has supported STC through chapter-level and Society-level service. The time and energy he has contributed to STC to this point is incalculable—and in keeping with the long history of similar devotion shown by STC leaders throughout the history of the organization.

Ben Woelk is ready for the next level of leadership in the Society, and STC will benefit from his efforts at that level.

–Thea Teich, STC Fellow and Past President, 2003-04


Gathering all the knowledge possible and considering all options available to him, Ben makes decisions with clarity and honesty. He also has the ability to empower teams and build consensus whenever possible. These are qualities I admire in him and they are exactly what we, as a Society, need right now. I therefore wholeheartedly endorse my friend Ben Woelk for vice president of STC.

He makes clear in his candidate statement that there will be some tough choices ahead if STC is to be sustainable; I believe he is the right leader to help guide the board as they navigate those decisions. The field of technical communication is poised for continuing growth well into the foreseeable future and STC needs a leader like Ben to put our membership on the same positive trajectory! Please support Ben and encourage every member you know to vote!

–David L. Caruso, Associate Fellow and President, STC Greater Pittsburgh Chapter


I endorse Ben Woelk for the office of Vice President of STC.

Ben and I have been friends for several years, and he’s one of my STC mentors. He encourages me in all things, and he is a rational and compassionate sounding board. He is a trusted friend.

Why am I voting for Ben? 

  • When I joined the Community Affairs Committee (CAC), he involved me right from the start. He gave me jobs that took me out of my comfort zone and helped me develop relationships with other leaders in STC.
  • When he chaired the CAC as its Board liaison, he pulled me in more. He gave me new responsibilities at a much higher level. I don’t know how he does this!
  • Ben knows how to work strategically and operationally from his time as a Director on the STC Board. I believe Ben is going to to ensure that STC’s strategic plan leads us where we need to go, and then he’s going to get all of us to sign up to make the plan a reality.
  • In everything Ben does for STC, he’s been a mentor. I know we can count on Ben inspiring us in mentoring the next generation of STC leaders.

I am excited that Ben is running for Vice President of STC. I hope you are, too.

–Cindy Pao, STC Associate Fellow, Former Director-at-Large and Chair, Community Affairs Committee



Ben Woelk is an excellent choice for Vice President of STC and deserves your vote. I have served with Ben for the past two years, first on the STC Scholarship Task Force and then on the STC Scholarship Committee. During that time I have seen Ben exhibit several qualities of a good leader.

First, he is skilled in diplomacy, especially when vastly different ideas are expressed on a team. He is quick to point out the merits of both views and diplomatically helps a team glean the best points from the differing viewpoints. When I have babbled about a spur-of-the-moment idea that I didn’t express clearly, Ben tactfully assumes the onus that he was the one who didn’t understand my point and asks me to put it in writing. His diplomacy will be a great asset to him as Vice President.

Second, he runs meetings efficiently by keeping our team on task and moving us on to the next agenda item. Keeping a meeting from bogging down or wasting time is an essential skill for a leader serving as Vice President.

Third, Ben is unafraid to step into new and unfamiliar roles, settings, and experiences. Although he is a self-confessed introvert, I have witnessed him having a ball while leading a large room of people in karaoke at the Summit. A person who is unafraid of pushing himself to do the not-so-comfortable will make an excellent leader who will welcome new approaches and won’t say, “…but we’ve always done it this way.”

The above qualities, in addition to being approachable and an encourager, make Ben Woelk an excellent candidate for Vice President of STC.

–Sylvia Miller, STC Fellow


There is nobody I trust more to lead our fine organization as STC Vice President than Ben Woelk. I have had the pleasure of working with Ben in several capacities, in particular as part of the Rochester, NY chapter of STC. Ben has been in integral part of making the Rochester chapter one of the strongest in the organization. He is a natural leader in every role he takes on, as anyone who has collaborated with him knows. Ben is exceedingly patient, respectful, and kind; a true connector and motivator. If you know Ben you have likely been introduced to others who have mutual interests and helpful knowledge to share. It’s due to Ben’s inspiration that I became an active member of our local chapter over a decade ago.

Ben’s interactions with students about to enter our industry as well as industry professionals alike are consistently intelligent, thoughtful, and fair. Ben is always forward-thinking in his approach to challenges, which is exactly what STC needs. He is the perfect candidate for assessing what’s working and what’s not with the goal of finding opportunities for improvement and executing a plan. I’m not alone in my admiration of Ben’s abilities and accomplishments, as evidenced by his accumulation of many well-deserved honors. Ben will serve as Vice President of STC with the same principles that he has always demonstrated both as a friend and a professional colleague. Our membership will be especially fortunate to have Ben Woelk as our Vice President.

–Lisa Pietrangeli, Managing Partner and Executive Director of Business Operations, 36 Software


Ben Woelk says he’s an introverted leader. However, he seems to be everywhere helping people succeed in our profession. He cares deeply about our community and works tirelessly on our behalf. The Society for Technical Communication needs his kind of pragmatic and strategic leadership. I know he’ll help lead STC in the direction it needs to go.

–Alice Brzovic, Past President, STC-San Diego


It is my greatest pleasure to endorse Ben Woelk for the position of Vice President in the STC 2018 Elections. I served on the board with Ben and during our mutual service, Ben’s voice was tirelessly and firmly rooted on behalf of STC members and students through opportunities awaiting them at scholastic, community, and Society levels. I know that Ben will give the Society his energy and considerable talent, and his viewpoint will include the broad range of STC members. I know our association will do well with Ben at the helm. Vote for Ben!

–Deanne Levander, STC Fellow and former Director at Large


Beyond a doubt, Ben Woelk is the most qualified candidate for Vice President of the Society for Technical Communications (STC). As a teacher, presenter, program manager, consultant and entrepreneur, Ben has such a well-rounded portfolio. In all he does, Ben exemplifies integrity, honesty and thoughtfulness. He will bring these attributes to the office of Vice President.

I met Ben through LinkedIn where our mutual appreciation for personality assessments lead to a conversation and eventually he became my mentor as I was trying to start a freelance technical writing business. Each week we met, and he tirelessly helped me plan and set goals and provided lots of encouragement. I have him to thank for providing me with the support I needed to obtain a new contract, land my first client and start a now thriving freelancing business.

I was a contributor to the February 2017 issue of Intercom when Ben was the guest editor and I got to see firsthand his ability to not only manage the project but manage the creatives contributing to the project. He did all this while handling his day job, presenting at conferences, and working as business coach. Ben is miraculous at multi-tasking, managing groups, and consensus building. He is an exceptional leader in all realms of his professional life.

I believe he’s aptly qualified to be Vice President of the STC. He has a great love for and dedication to the organization, so much so that he was recognized in 2017 with the STC President’s Award. The body of work that Ben has produced throughout his more than 20-year technical writing career has lead to his becoming an Associate Fellow. Ben has followed up his experience with the professionally recognized certification for Certified Professional Technical Communicator (Foundation). Ben’s dedication to the STC can be seen in his recruitment of new members, his dedication to training as he is an Approved Trainer for the CPTC and the fact that he has served the organization in his local community. He is a previous member of the STC Board of Directors and has encouraged leadership across the STC while serving on the Community Affairs Committee.

I plan to vote for Ben Woelk because I have seen all the good work he has done and how he has greatly improved the lives of those around him, I look forward to seeing this type of energy, integrity and innovation in the next Vice President of the STC.

–Stephanie Wheeler Whitlow, STC Member, Hyper Writer LLC


I endorse Ben Woelk for the position of Vice President, STC. I have known Ben for many years and seen him in a variety of circumstances. Ben is a thoughtful listener. He combines integrity, professionalism, and a healthy dose of good humor. Ben has served STC both at the chapter and national level. He understands the unique and complex issues at each level. I feel that, as STC evolves, Ben’s expertise and insights will be invaluable. He is the servant leader who can carry STC forward in the future.

–Donn DeBoard, STC Fellow


Ben is an outstanding leader and a delight to work with. His passion for developing and improving the STC is unquestionable. I believe he would make an exemplary Vice President of the Society for Technical Communication. He has an in-depth knowledge of the STC, coupled with pragmatic forward-looking vision, that would help drive development of the STC, while ensuring it remains true to its mission and values. Ben is tireless in his dedication to the STC, and his ability to spread his enthusiasm about the organization is inimitable. I have no hesitation in endorsing him for this vital leadership position.

–Julia Cho, Lead Faculty, MS Technical Communication, Northeastern University


I am pleased to endorse Ben Woelk for Vice-President of the STC. I have known Ben for over 10 years and he has always proven to be an exceptional mentor, leader, and communicator. He is passionate about bringing awareness to the technical communication profession. Ben also works tirelessly with the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) to shape the minds of new tech comm professionals and bring them into the STC. STC needs a leader like Ben! Please vote on February 26, 2018, for Ben Woelk for STC Vice-President.

–Rohina Dhunjeebhoy, STC Senior Member and Past President, STC Toronto Chapter


I think that Ben Woelk will make a wonderful vice-president (and future president) of the STC because he is helpful, a hard worker, a team player, savvy about social media, but most of all, he reaches out to people everywhere. I first got to know Ben through our mutual work on the Community Affairs Committee, where he welcomed me, helped me to learn the ropes, listened to my ideas, and followed through on action items. He later helped me with several tools to make my professional life and our local chapter stronger: Hootsuite for managing my social media, and Slack to help our local chapter keep in touch with each other. No matter how busy he is (and he is extremely busy), Ben has the time for a one-on-one call if you need him. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where in the world you live, Ben is always ready to make you a friend and help in any way he can. The STC needs more people like Ben–in fact, the world needs more people like him.

–Fei Min Lorente, Treasurer STC Southwestern Ontario Chapter


What a boon for the STC and its members that Ben has decided to run for Vice President! He has experience, intelligence, and passion, as well as a longstanding history of advocacy for our profession and unfailing support of the STC community. And when I say community, I mean the entire community; Ben seeks out connections in all corners of the STC. He pays attention to what’s happening, not only in his own area, but also in distant chapters. Ben is one of my first calls when I have questions or problems, and he’s always there with advice and a helping hand.

I would be thrilled to see Ben elected Vice President of STC. He has the interest, the dedication, and the drive to make a difference. Ben Woelk is the advocate we need.

–Carrie Sheaffer, President, STC Rocky Mountain Chapter


Ben Woelk is well-suited to be your next Vice President for the Society for Technical Communication. He is a well-known leader in the Society for years. Ben is an excellent mentor for professionals who are looking to enter the field of technical communication. Ben also is actively involved in the STC Rochester Chapter as well as the Spectrum Conference. In addition to being actively involved in the Society, he has held numerous volunteer positions in the organization. Ben cares a lot about the future of technical communication and understands the difficult aspects of our worldwide organization. I believe he will contribute the best for the Society and recruit the best professionals to help him achieve his goals for our Society.

I would be happy to see Ben become our next Vice President for STC. He is among many professionals in our Society who have helped shaped my future in the field of technical communication. I hope his work today will to inspire future mentors and volunteers to step up and take roles like Ben’s to continue to the great work in the Society for Technical Communication. Every little bit counts to furthering our profession in a global economy.

–Roger Renteria, STC Senior Member


Ben Woelk is an outstanding candidate for STC vice president. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ben for several years on various committees and task forces, including the Community Affairs Committee and, most recently, the STC Scholarship Committee. In this time, I’ve observed Ben’s patience, analytical skills, and his thoughtful leadership. As the chair of the STC Scholarship Committee, Ben leads by example. He listens intently to other people’s ideas and he builds consensus through careful deliberation, but he is always mindful to push the group to complete tasks and achieve goals. Ben is not only a great leader, but he is generous with his time, serving STC and the Rochester chapter in various roles simultaneously, giving advice to chapters, delivering presentations and webinars, and mentoring junior technical communicators. Ben’s commitment to STC and his steady leadership make him an ideal candidate for VP.

–Michael Opsteegh, STC Senior Member and Past President, STC-Orange County Chapter


If there is a giant, shining star at STC, it has Ben Woelk’s name on it. The thing I like most about Ben is that he really, truly, and sincerely cares about STC and its members. When he served on the Community Affairs Committee, he reached out to my by phone and email numerous times, to offer words of encouragement, support, and to sometimes act as a sounding board for my frustrations as a chapter leader. I have seen Ben make new conference attendees feel welcome, and introduce them to others so they wouldn’t feel alone. I’ve been on conference calls with him where he’s cheered others on and made them feel like their idea was the best in the world and if anyone could do it, they could. He’s sent me really great written materials, filled with useful tips, tricks, and items I could share with others at work and within the chapter. STC has a lot of really great people working on its behalf but Ben Woelk is one of the best. He’s got my vote.

–Michelle Ladner, STC Senior Member, Past President, STC Suncoast Chapter


It’s rare that you come across a leader like Ben. He is innovative, hard-working, and follows through on what he says he will do. He moves ideas along from conception to enactment efficiently, making him an ideal candidate for STC Vice President. He works effectively in both large and small groups, making everyone feel equally valued. I’ve long admired Ben for how generously he has given of his time and energy when I or anyone else has come to him with an STC challenge. He is the leader that STC needs now. I fully endorse him as STC Vice President.

–Carolyn Kelley Klinger, STC Associate Fellow and Past President, STC-Washington DC-Baltimore Chapter


I’m very pleased to endorse Ben Woelk for STC Vice-President. I believe Ben has both the personal and professional traits needed to lead the STC. As a long-time member of STC, I have seen and heard about his many accomplishments over the years. Meeting him in person solidified my impression of him as a dedicated, sincere, and caring individual. He has the strength and experience required to provide effective leadership, and is passionate and goal-oriented with regard to the STC. At the same time, he is respectful of others and understands the importance of developing leadership in less experienced members. I really believe he is the best candidate to serve the STC membership as Vice-President.

Elizabeth Navarro, STC Senior Member and Presenter at the STC 2017 Summit


Ben Woelk is running for Vice President and I’m looking forward to voting for him. Ben has been a good friend, colleague, and mentor to me. Ben is a model of servant leadership and is generous with his service to the society. I trust his leadership and vision.

I ask you to join me in supporting Ben Woelk. Find out more about him and the other outstanding candidates on the STC elections website. Login to join in the conversation https://www.stc.org/wiki/elections/

–Viqui Dill, STC Senior Member, Past Nominations Committee Member


Ben Woelk has consistently demonstrated leadership and support of STC and its members to develop the knowledge, experience, and professional collaboration that helps all of us steadily push the technical communications profession forward. As a member of STC for over 20 years and a small business owner for over 10 years, I value Ben’s efforts to reach out and learn how STC can best serve us. Please vote for Ben as a Vice President of STC so he can continue to develop our great organization.

—Andrea Talley Brennan, STC Senior Member and Owner, Teamplete LLC


When I think of the perfect choice for top leadership in STC, I think of someone I know to be:

  • Accomplished in the field of technical communication
  • Enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and experience with students and newer tech comm professionals
  • Responsible for the growth and success of his local chapter
  • Supportive of other chapter leaders
  • Interested in new ideas
  • Recognized by the Society as a key contributor in every area
  • Dedicated to the mission of the Society
  • Excited about the future of STC

In short, when I think of the right person to lead STC, I think of Ben Woelk.

–Phoebe Forio, STC Atlanta, Chapter President, Senior STC member


I am planning to vote for Ben Woelk as VP for STC because of his commitment and his leadership. Ben is very active in STC and his local chapter, STC Rochester. As an introverted leader (Ben mentors Introverted Leaders and speaks about Introverted Leadership) his leadership style is thoughtful, and his goals for STC and philosophy reflect this approach.

–Elizabeth Alley, STC Member and amazing Sketch Notes artist for Summit 2017


I am pleased to endorse Ben Woelk for the vice presidency. STC is lucky to have a candidate of his caliber. Ben has demonstrated effective leadership and commitment through his years of service to STC and the profession. His integrity is above question. His focus on building – leaders, teams, and alliances – is invaluable. He will not shy away from hard decisions, but instead gather facts and build consensus on what is best for the future of STC.

–Louise Tincher, Past President, Southwestern Ohio Chapter, Volunteer , Policies & Procedures SIG


I’ve worked with Ben Woelk for several years on various STC projects, ranging from the Community Affairs Committee to the Scholarship Committee. He has presented twice at the CONDUIT conference; once on internet security and later running a workshop on introverted leadership. Ben has a deep passion for his work and he strives to excel. This focus on excellence extends deeply into the STC and his volunteer work demonstrates his commitment to the Society. As an experienced leader at both the community and society level, Ben Woelk is the best candidate for Society Vice President.

— Timothy Esposito, STC Associate Fellow, President STC Philadelphia Metro Chapter,
Chair, Distinguished Community Service Award Committee


For all of my friends in the Society for Technical Communication.
The 2018 election of officers is coming up, and I request that you consider voting for Ben Woelk for Vice President.

I have known Ben for so long that I can’t remember when we first met. For all that time he has been an great leader; passionate about the profession of technical communication, and equally passionate about the STC. That passion can be seen in his many years of service to the Society at both the Community and International levels, and the awards he has received in recognition. Ben has been involved with STC leadership development and chapter management for as long as I have known him. As a professor and presenter, he has consistently focused on growing the profession.

I believe that his professional background gives him a firm foundation for leading STC into the future. His breadth of experience beyond writing includes consulting to Fortune 500 companies, helping manage a small business, and working in Higher Education as a practitioner and professor. He has also worked “in the trenches”, holding many chapter-level positions.

Looking at the strategic and pragmatic vision he has brought to bear elsewhere, Ben is my recommendation for Vice President of our Society.

–Grant Hogarth, STC Senior Member, Rocky Mountain Chapter


Ben’s academic heritage, long service to STC, and clear, empowering presentations on information and security have prepared him to be an excellent president.

–W.C. Wiese, Treasurer 2005-2009, Director at Large 2010-2012


Ben Woelk is a connector. He has an uncanny ability to connect with STC members of all stripes and connect people to one another. I am continually amazed by his efforts to bring STC communities and their members together through virtual workspaces, programs, conferences, workshops, and by being a mentor and motivator to so many of us within the STC. It was Ben who introduced me to the idea of servant leadership and helped me build the confidence I needed to take on a leadership position within my STC chapter council. His professional acumen, his leadership, and his ability to join people together at all levels of the Society are qualities I believe the STC needs in its leaders to grow and sustain member engagement on all levels.

When Ben says he will do his utmost to serve the STC and its members, I have no doubt that he will do just that. I am happy to endorse such a uniquely well-qualified candidate for Vice President of the STC.

–Alison Phillips, President, STC Southeastern Michigan


Ben has served in leadership roles for his chapter, for the Spectrum Conference, and for the STC. I worked with Ben when he served as Director of the Community Affairs Committee. His input into community affairs had been very insightful. Ben was also a great help to me when I served as Toronto Chapter President (2015-2017). His commitment to the profession-at-large is evident. I strongly feel that Ben would serve the STC extremely well in the role of Vice President.

–Vic Bhai, Past President, STC Toronto


Ben Woelk is running for VP of STC, I will be voting for him and I encourage STC members to support him too. Ben is the host of the Rochester Chapter Slack channel, among several others. He’s always easily accessible, providing counsel when asked to help us make informed and effective decisions. He is a very reliable and fun person to work with, and his presence on the STC board will be a benefit to all the members. Ben is a good communicator, into technology but into people even more and mentoring and coaching introverts to become exceptional leaders. Trust Ben with your vote!

–Johanne Lavallee, STC Member and Secretary, STC Rochester


This year, I’m endorsing Ben Woelk for Vice-President of the STC. I’ve known Ben for several years now. I first got to know him on social media as I waded my way through joining the technical communications community. His dedication to the STC runs deeply within him, and is practically immeasurable. He’s been an active member of the STC Rochester chapter for a very long time, and has served in several roles at the STC Board level. Heck, I think he was the only one who was surprised when he won the STC President’s Award last year! Those of us who know him well know that he truly earned that award many times over. He continually is working to understand the needs of STC members’ concerns, and is always asking questions about “How can STC help?” even when he’s not in a role that can help—he knows who can. He’s always working on helping his own chapter, the Board, and other chapters grow and learn. Over time, he’s been a fantastic mentor to me, helping me become a better STC member, a better Chapter leader, and helping me with ideas for how to run STC-PMC’s CONDUIT conference, even though he runs Rochester’s conference, Spectrum! If I ever have a question that requires the advice of someone who has “seen it all” at the STC, I talk to Ben. His leadership is ready to take the next step, and that’s towards leading the STC into the future. For these and many more reasons, I encourage you to vote for Ben Woelk, as I know that with his leadership, STC member concerns will be heard by someone who’s been listening and wanting to take action since well before he became an STC leader. Your voice matters to him.

–Danielle Villegas, STC Senior Member and  Vice-President/Programming Chair of the STC Philadelphia Metro Chapter


I am thrilled to see that Ben Woelk is running for Vice President of STC. He is an effective and respected leader with experience at various levels of society and chapter leadership. His experience gives him insight into the workings of the society and the challenges that STC faces. He always has good ideas, is open to the ideas of others, and works well with colleagues from around the country. Ben is exceedingly qualified to lead STC into the future.

–Karen Levine, Mentor Program Manager and former Secretary/Membership Chair of STC – Philadelphia Metro Chapter,
STC Senior Member, and STC DCSA Recipient


I first met Ben Woelk about five years ago when he was part of STC’s Community Affairs Committe and I was preparing to become the president of my local chapter. Immediately I got a sense of his dedication to STC and its members. Ben and the CAC gave me invaluable advice about chapter leadership.

You can read about Ben’s professional accomplishments in his biography. What I have learned from talking with him is that he cares: about the future of STC, and about the success of our members. I heartily endorse Ben for STC Vice President.

–Lisa Mileusnich, Past President, Northeast Ohio STC chapter


A great leader is one who listens and acts, and Ben Woelk is one such leader. While his calm demeanor and ability to listen make him thoughtful, he makes practical decisions through knowledge and experience. From the first time we met at the Society for Technical Communication (STC) Leadership Day in Dallas, Texas, it was obvious Ben cared about technical communication and all things STC. His STC leadership skills have grown exponentially over the years, especially through his Rochester Chapter presidency and leadership on the Community Affairs Committee (CAC). This involvement has given him a deep understanding of our communities, board, and office. It is a privilege to endorse Ben Woelk as Vice President.

–Maralee Sautter, STC Associate Fellow, Past President, Willamette Valley Chapter


Ben encourages fresh thinking and new ideas and he will bring that to the STC. He is not the type of person to do something simply because it’s always been done that way. Ben is the kind of leader that the STC needs, someone who understands the inner workings of the Society from his experience with it, but also someone who is very in touch with what the members want and need. He brings a strong mix of leadership and personal skills, and would be a valuable addition to the STC.

–Emily Alfson, STC Senior Member and Past President, STC New England


I have known Ben ever since I started getting more involved with STC – first as a chapter member, and later as president of the NY Metro chapter. Ben has always been an effective leader and a force for progress and positive change. In his calm and quiet way, he was always there for advice and support, willing to try new ideas and lead by example.

Ben is also a dedicated professional and keeps up with current trends – both technical and otherwise – as is evident from his areas of expertise and the variety of subjects he presents about. He cares deeply about the future of technical communication and understands that the Society for Technical Communication has an important role to play in shaping this future, in supporting current members, and nurturing the next generation of technical communicators.

With Ben at the helm, I feel STC will be in good hands in the coming years.

–Nitza Hauser, Past President, STC NYC Metro Chapter


This is my first time voting in an STC international election, but I’m happy to support Ben Woelk as STC VP. Ben has shown a strong interest in building sustainable STC communities by creating a virtual Slack workspace for coordinating joint virtual programs. When I’ve reached out to him with questions, he’s been quick to help me with answers related to technical issues on websites and other areas where my knowledge is limited. Ben’s history of STC service also demonstrates his commitment to STC and its success. I believe that Ben is forward thinking and will help ensure STC’s continued relevance and that’s why I support Ben Woelk for STC Vice President.

–Lin Laurie, President, STC-Puget Sound Chapter


At the 2016 Summit, I had the pleasure of meeting Ben Woelk in person. After that Summit, Ben reached out to chat by phone so that we could get to know each other. No agenda, just an informal conversation about our personal and professional goals. How refreshing!

I began taking part in the Introverted Leadership Slack CPTC channel. Ben gently encouraged me to lead some of the Slack discussions. I never would have stepped into those small roles without his guidance.

Ben has always been easy to reach and responsive. His innovative use of Slack helps reaches us introverted leaders and non-leaders to include us in process improvements and professional development. As Vice President, I believe he’ll use these qualities to revitalize STC. I look forward to Ben’s leadership.

–Sherri Leah Henkin, STC Senior Member and Secretary, Technical Editing SIG


Ben has been a guiding light for the Rochester Chapter and internationally for the Society. Through his STC activity and leadership, his experience and talent, he has helped STC provide relevant skills and opportunities to individual members and STC communities. He is the ideal candidate to assume a leadership role as Vice President.

–Karen Lane, Past President, STC Orlando


New STC members don’t often have the opportunity to learn from a mentor like Ben Woelk. I have worked with Ben over several years as STC leader to STC leader. Ben has proven a thought leader in the technical communication community, particularly when it comes to utilizing Slack as an asynchronous planning tool, encouraging introverts to use their unique skills in leadership positions, and educating technical communicators on the information security critical to their jobs.

Because of his extensive knowledge and his passion for mentoring and educating new technical communicators like me, Ben is an excellent candidate for STC Vice President. Please read his election slate for more information on his candidacy. Vote for Ben as Vice President of STC!

–Emily Kowal, STC Senior Member and Co-manager, Policies and Procedures SIG


Ben would be a fantastic VP. He has demonstrated leadership at the international level and been recognized for his efforts. But Ben’s leadership and influence extend deep into other chapters and their programs. Spearheading a communication effort among chapter program managers, Ben proved his ability to think creatively and facilitate consensus. I cannot imagine a person more immersed in the psychology of leadership right now as Ben has researched and spoken thoughtfully on introverted leadership. I heartily endorse Ben Woelk for VP.

–Dave Wilks, Past President, STC Rocky Mountain Chapter


Ben Woelk has been an outstanding leader of STC over many years. His energy for the Society seems boundless. Ben has served as a mentor for many of us and has been a great resource for me personally whenever I needed help or advice. I have benefited greatly by working with Ben and getting to know him. I also have found his presentations to be especially informative and thought provoking.

–Stephen Adler, STC Associate Fellow and Past President of the Philadelphia Metro Chapter


I am delighted that Ben is running for STC Vice President. He is dedicated and a hard worker, willing to do whatever is needed to succeed. He has a realistic view of STC’s challenges and looks for opportunities to grow in our current environment. Ben is especially interested in bringing students into STC and helping others develop as leaders, both keys to realizing success in STC. I encourage all members to vote for Ben for STC Vice President.

–Ann L. Wiley, STC Fellow


STC has not only provided the best professional development and networking for me, but also helped me develop my career path, define my leadership role at several institutions, and connect me to the most interesting opportunities and influential leaders in our field. Ben Woelk is one of the few recognized STC leaders who works to provide the internationalization of higher education with his vision, strategy, and the ability to identify and mobilize resources.

I attended a couple of sessions conducted by Ben and the content was deep and relevant. Ben has a way to put information, very relevant to our work, a good way to learn about new issues and practices, and offers a fantastic networking opportunity. Ben, in my opinion, will make a terrific STC VP and offer more to the theme of educational leadership.

–Rajdeep Gupta, Managing Director & Principal Trainer, STC DCSA Recipient


During the two years I was President of the New England Chapter of STC, Ben Woelk was one of the people I relied on for answers, practical help, encouragement, and humor. He was unfailingly responsive, deeply knowledgeable, and always positive and kind. I can’t think of a better person for greater leadership at the national level. I support his candidacy for Vice President wholeheartedly.

–Nancy Allison, Past President, STC New England


Ben Woelk is a great VP candidate because of what he’s done for STC and the technical communication profession. As a Society leader, he has consistently (but not blindly) supported STC initiatives and fostered an atmosphere of open dialogue where everyone’s concerns could be heard. For the profession, Ben has championed and supported the large number of our members who are introverts; many of whom previously thought there was something “wrong” with them. Ben has helped introverts understand their strengths and develop strategies to help them advance in their careers and embrace leadership opportunities.

–Mellissa Ruryk, STC IDL SIG past co-manager,
Content Curator, Canada West Coast Chapter past President.


Ben is one of the most qualified candidates for VP I’ve seen during my time in STC. In addition to his having previously served on the Board of Directors, he has really helped to elevate the status of the Rochester Chapter and through his honest self-assessment has shown other introverts that introversion, if properly handled, can be a benefit rather than a hindrance. Ben’s commitment to STC and the craft of technical communication are two great reasons to vote for him, only to be surpassed by the fact that one year after his term as VP he will be STC President.

–Brian Lindgren, STC Fellow


Although I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him in person, I nevertheless have known Ben for a long while in our tech communication circles and followed him through various STC programs and events. I strongly believe that he has the correct background, long experience, and the vision to lead STC as a Vice President. If you read his candidacy statement (above) you’ll see that he has all the right targets to lead and grow our unique community. My vote is for Ben!

–Ugur Akinci, STC Associate Fellow, STC Washington Baltimore Chapter Past President


Ben is one of the warmest and most supportive people I have ever met. He introduced himself to me online through LinkedIn and welcomed me into my new career with open arms and sage advice. I met him in person at my first STC Summit and he was even more helpful and kind in person. Ben has a plethora of experience with a wide variety of aspects in this field. He is an integral part of the STC and is well-connected in the organization. Ben has a vibrant passion for helping others and making STC an outstanding organization. He would be a hard-working, enthusiastic, welcoming Vice President and I will definitely cast my vote for him.

–Celeste Graeff, STC member, STC Texas Lone Star chapter


I have enjoyed watching Ben Woelk, an avowed introvert, learn to share his knowledge and expertise to all of us in STC. He seems to have blossomed as a leader and public speaker beyond STC itself. I understand what an accomplishment this has been for Ben (as I, too, am an introvert and I know how much planning and work Ben put into this career path). He has an amazing record of selfless STC service, and his next aspiration (Vice President) is a logical step for STC and Ben.

–Elizabeth (Bette) Frick, PhD, ELS
The Text Doctor LLC


Ben is a dedicated professional who has made significant contributions to the technical communication field and STC, as a leader at the chapter and Society levels. Most important, Ben always generously shares his vast knowledge to help his STC colleagues and advance the tech comm field. Ben’s commitment to excellence and the future of STC will make him a great vice president.

–Ann Marie Queeney, STC Senior Member and Co-Manager, Policies & Procedures SIG


I am happy to endorse and recommend Ben Woelk for the office of STC Vice President. Ben’s academic and practical knowledge and his many years of experience in technical communication, paired with his dedication and service to STC have prepared him for the most senior leadership roles in our Society.  Over the years, I have interacted with Ben in several STC leadership roles and have been especially impressed with his professionalism and passion for the profession and STC.  I can especially commend his work with the Community Affairs Committee (CAC) and with STC communities in general.

–Dawnell Kirk Claessen, Co-Manager, STC Policies & Procedures SIG


I am excited to endorse Ben Woelk for Vice-President of STC. As someone who has toiled in the local chapter trenches for many years (over 31), I have had contact with Ben in a variety of situations. He has always responded on the STC President list-serv when I had questions. And his responses were good ones! Ben has presented to our chapter (Eastern Iowa), free of charge. I have read his articles in Technical Communication and Intercom. And last May when I attended the STC Annual Summit in Washington, DC, Ben took a special interest in what was happening in our chapter, as well as what was happening to me personally. We are lucky to have someone of Ben’s caliber in STC and hope he can continue to serve us as our next Vice-President.

–Charles R. Crawley, STC Senior Member and President, Eastern Iowa Chapter, STC


I’ve known Ben for the better part of 10 years. He is dedicated to improving the profession and the prospects for the people within our community. His work to date within the STC has been exemplary. Ben has the steady hand needed to guide the STC board of directors and lead the organization into a new age in information development. This is no small task, indeed. Ben possesses the fortitude, integrity, and diplomacy needed to keep us moving forward on the right path. Ben has my full support for VP. Please cast your vote on February 26, 2018 for Ben Woelk for STC Vice-President.

–Rob Hanna, STC Fellow and President, STC Eastern Ontario Chapter


I support Ben Woelk for STC Vice President.

The first time I met Ben was when he was Outreach Lead of the Community Affairs Committee (CAC) and I was the new Manager of the Usability and User Experience SIG. Under his leadership, the CAC meetings were a forum where leaders should discuss problems and get advice and support—I immediately liked his leadership style. At a past Summit, I found Ben advocating for communities at the annual Business Meeting where he was not only a person I would go to for advice, but also a person I could trust. At a Leadership Meeting, Ben discussed the importance and why we should become knowledgeable about cyber security—I was in awe because nobody within the STC was talking about cyber security at that time. He has earned a coveted Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), which is an extremely challenging certification to achieve.

A few years ago I was doing self-study to earn the CPTC. After failing the exam by 5 questions, I called the STC office for advice on how to better prepare for the exam, and I was told to contact Ben who was starting a self-study group; today Ben is an CPTC trainer. He is proud of his Chapter and encourages everyone who is visiting Rochester to attend the Chapter’s annual Spectrum Conference.

Ben actually has a paying job—he is the Adjunct Professor and Program Manager at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he created a Digital Self Defense security awareness program.

In 2017, Ben was recipient of the STC’s President’s Award—and I was not surprised because I know what Ben has done and is doing to deserve it. Ben leads by example because he wants all of us to be all that we can be. His contributions to academia and to the STC are the stuff that makes a superb leader, and an essential characteristic for the role of STC Vice President.

–David Dick, STC Fellow, Manager, Usability and User Experience SIG


As an STC Fellow and veteran member of the Community Affairs Committee (CAC), I have had numerous occasions to work with Ben Woelk. Ben is a passionate representative of the profession and always seeks ways for improving the organization. Ben listens to the needs of the communities, works with the Board to create positive change, and gives voice to issues that help break the mold. These leadership traits will be the foundation of Ben’s success as vice president of STC . It’s an honor to endorse his candidacy.

–Bob Young, STC Fellow, CAC representative, 2013-17,
Programs, Membership, Sponsorship co-chair, Northeast Ohio STC


I’ve known Ben Woelk, CISSP, CPTC for a long time during my involvement with STC and I truly can’t think of anyone else I would rather see leading the organization through the challenges facing our profession and organization. Ben has done incredible things in the Rochester Tech Comm community over the years and would do equally impressive things with the overall STC organization. That, I have no doubt at all. As such, I strongly urge you to consider Ben as the best, and only candidate for the role of Vice President.

–Robert Cundari, Past President Toronto Chapter


Ben Woelk is always a welcome sight at the STC Summit. He is warm, genuine and informative. When I was a chapter president, he was a key contact for all questions on chapter business and promotion, and of great assistance. Ben’s endless enthusiasm for making STC a positive force in our field and experience in the organization makes him an excellent candidate for President.

–Cherie Woodward, STC Senior Member, Past President Sacramento Chapter


Ben Woelk is a great candidate for the vice presidency of STC. He is invested in the success of others and advocates for all people to rise to their full potential. Ben’s particular area of expertise is introverted leadership, an area of interest which aligns with STC and the technical communication field.

Ben Woelk is a dedicated technical communications professional who is committed to leading and inspiring by doing. STC needs strong leadership that encourages participation and inspires people to rise to their full potential. I met Ben at STC Summit 2017. He was a warm and welcoming presence who demonstrated care and concern for each person he talked to. I really enjoyed meeting him and I love that he sincerely cares about service to others as well as furthering STC.

–Theresa Daudier, STC Member


Ben is an outstanding example of one of the many fine people in the Society. He is dedicated both to the Society as a whole, and to helping its members in any way he can. When I met Ben at a Summit a few years ago, I was fairly new to the Society. Not only did he welcome me with open arms, but he has never hesitated to provide advice and guidance whenever I’ve needed it. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which he enthusiastically shares with others at every opportunity. There is no better person to be the next vice president of STC.

–Jennifer Shumate, STC Senior Member and Technical Writing Manager


I recommend voting for Ben Woelk to be our next STC vice president. Ben is a good listener and is always interested in hearing your ideas. When I was chair of the International Summit Awards, I received different opinions on how the competition should be run. When I approached Ben on these matters, I found his level-headed attitude refreshing and authoritative. In addition, Ben has a good mix of academic and real-world industry experience. I believe he will contribute much to our Society.

–Nathaniel Lim, STC Fellow


Having known and worked with Ben for nearly two years, I wholeheartedly endorse him for Vice President. Ben is passionate about his work in technical communication and especially introverted leadership. His enthusiasm, coupled with his desire to foster connections and collaboration among other tech comm professionals, would serve him well in this position.

–Christine Christiansen, STC Member


Ben is a passionate leader and a great communicator who thinks strategically. His long service to STC and dedication to the profession make him an excellent candidate for the position of Vice President in the 2018 STC election. I wholeheartedly endorse him for this position and believe STC will benefit greatly from his expertise.

–Brett Peruzzi, STC Senior Member


I am happy to endorse your candidacy for STC VP. The energy and imagination you bring to leadership will serve STC and its members well as its transformation continues.

–Annette Reilly, STC Fellow and Past President


Ben has risen to the possibility of leading the STC. His quiet demeanor is a reservoir of strength. He is a teacher, and as such, through didactic example, he teases real passion out of others. As vice-president he will make the STC more relevant and inspire others to join him.

– Nancy Larbi, CPTC – Expert™ and STC Associate Fellow


Any member who runs for national office is a star. I have always found the voting process to be a choice between excellent and excellent, rarely between good and better. However, I have known Ben Woelk for years. His work on behalf of the Rochester Chapter, the Spectrum Conference, and the Society has been consistent, tireless, and excellent.

I urge you to vote for him for Society VP.

–Mary Ryba Knepper, STC Associate Fellow and Past President, STC-ETC


Ben Woelk is extremely qualified to serve as STC VP. He has a keen insight for developing people and future leaders and genuinely cares about their professional growth. His leadership of the STC Rochester chapter’s annual Spectrum conference, particularly the most recent one held in 2017, is a testament to his ability to organize and motivate STC members. I am voting for Ben and I highly recommend others do as well.

–Mel Dedicke, STC Senior Member


Ben Woelk was one of the first people I met from STC. Our first conversation was focused on the society, and as Ben was telling me about his views. It felt more like a conversation about his family, and in the end Ben had me believing that STC was the perfect organization for technical writers at any level.

That was a little over 6 years ago and in that time I have watch Ben work hard every day to make sure STC evolved to meet the needs of its members. Ben knows the organization on the local and national level. He has worked and had success with several initiatives in committees. There are very few who are more dedicated, more loyal or more willing to give so much of themselves to help other succeed. It is my honor to be able to give back a little to him today by endorsing his candidacy for V.P.

–Christopher Ward, President STC Austin


I believe Ben would be a great VP for STC. Although we’ve yet to meet face-to-face, I’ve been impressed by his responsiveness, adaptability, and willingness to be of service to me as I have been exploring potential new directions for my career.

–Madeleine Adkins, STC Senior Member, Former Vice President for Programs, STC Berkeley


In my ten years of involvement with the Society for Technical Communication, I have witnessed Ben consistently accept leadership roles, and more importantly, selflessly volunteer for groups and projects. Lending his talent in this manner to further the society’s goals presents an ideal role model for younger members to follow. I experienced his influence directly while attending his Introverted Leadership course, which brought me a greater understanding of my personal working dynamic that lead directly to increased daily productivity. I look forward to February 26th and voting for Ben to assume the role of Vice President.

– Steven Winnefeld, STC Senior Member


Ben’s leadership in the Spectrum Conference has contributed to professional development opportunities for his local STC community, as well as the national STC community. These regional conferences ensure that STC members have other options for conference learning, in addition to the national STC conference. STC communities can enhance their programming by joining in regional conferences, and Ben is helping to make that happen.

–Barbara Beresford, President, STC Twin Cities

Industry and Other

I have known Ben Woelk for over 10 years. I first met him when we were both volunteers for EDUCAUSE, around 2007. In the past 5 years I have been a staff member at EDUCAUSE and Ben has continued to be a committed and enthusiastic EDUCAUSE volunteer. One of Ben’s greatest strengths is that he cares passionately about information security awareness and about communicating that passion to others. When Ben talks about his work, or volunteers to undertake activities for EDUCAUSE programming, you can tell that he is “all in.” Ben doesn’t volunteer because it merely looks good on a resume; he volunteers because he is committed to advancing information security awareness, contributing to the community, and giving back to society at large.

–Joanna Grama, JD, CISSP, CRISC, CIPT, Director of Cybersecurity and IT GRC Programs, EDUCAUSE


I have worked with Ben on his accreditation as a trainer for the Certified Professional Technical Communicator certification. I have been impressed not just with his commitment and professionalism, but with his dedication to the profession of Technical Communicator and his leadership in the community of practitioners. Ben has been a great resource for me, and I have benefited greatly from our time working together.

–Ronn R. Faigen, Partner Relations Manager, APMG International


I know Ben Woelk through the Introverted Leaders Slack group he runs. He has provided persistent leadership of the group, working to draw a collection of introverted souls into conversation. He has also been generous in sharing his time and knowledge, pointing people to resources and offering advice (myself most definitely included!). I anticipate that Ben will bring these same great qualities to a leadership role in STC.

–Sarah Rozman, Content Strategist, Karpinski Engineering


Ben Woelk and I have worked together for more than a decade. Ben is a thoughtful, dedicated member of the EDUCAUSE community, serving as a volunteer for the Higher Education Information Security Council (HEISC) Awareness and Training Working Group since 2007. Between 2010 and 2012, Ben served as the working group’s co-chair and became a member of the HEISC Advisory Committee, providing leadership and strategic direction on projects and initiatives and collaborating with other working group co-chairs on a regular basis. Ben continues to provide leadership and guidance to our members by serving as a mentor, sharing lessons learned, presenting at conferences, and continuing to identify the needs of his peers in order to develop new resources for the broader higher education community.

–Valerie Vogel, Senior Manager, Cybersecurity Program, EDUCAUSE


If you are looking for an invested and engaged leader, you are looking for Ben Woelk. I have been working with Ben Woelk, CISSP, CPTC in the infosec community of EDUCAUSE for a couple of years. I have attended his seminars, and worked with him in the Awareness and Training working group, and a Gamification team. Ben is knowledgeable and a great communicator. He knows how to keep a group moving, and how to engage with individuals to get the most out of their contributions. Ben will reach out and be an advocate to the STC community, and get folks involved. He has reached out to me, and others, and started a great community on Introverted Leadership. This has been a great value to me, as an extrovert working with many introverts! His character and communication skills will be a great asset as STC Vice President. I encourage you to vote for Ben for STC VP!

–Patricia Clay, Director of Information Technology, DeSales University


I’ve seen Ben in action as an officer, organizer, and speaker and think that his experience, personality, and perspective would make him an excellent vice-president.”

–Neil Perlin
President, Hyper/Word Service


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