Updated: Choosing the Safest Browser, Part One

This post provides an update to last year’s Choosing the Safest Browser post. Let’s take a look at what’s changed since June 2010. Browsers Last year, we looked at the following browsers to discuss which would be the safest: Opera … Continue reading

Choosing the Safest Browser, Part 2

Safe Practices Check your Browser Security Settings How can you tell how secure your web browser may be? Scanit’s Browser Security Test checks your browser security settings and provides a report explaining the vulnerabilities, the potential impacts, and how to … Continue reading

Avoiding Phishing

What’s the easiest way to break into a computer account? Cracking the password? Putting a trojan on the computer? Hacking? Unfortunately, it’s simply tricking you into giving up your password through a technique known as phishing. Computers have vulnerabilities that … Continue reading

Parenting in the Cyber Age: A Parents’ Guide to Safer Social Networking

Are you as a parent worried about what your kids may encounter online? Are you unsure of how they or you can stay safe online when using social networking sites?  Although our kids are now college grads, we had the … Continue reading