Announcing the RIT Cyber Self Defense Student Blog

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Announcing the RIT Cyber Self Defense Student Blog

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I teach a section of Cyber Self Defense, a security awareness course at the Rochester Institute of Technology. We always have a number of interesting discussions about current infosec issues. I believe these discussions would be of interest to a wider audience, and especially to readers of the Infosec Communicator blog.

This fall, we’ve created a blog for the students to share their thoughts on various information security topics. We’re requiring the students to blog weekly, so we’re hoping to generate a good amount of traffic to and discussion on the site. (The students will be blogging in lieu of a term paper.)

I’m expecting this activity to be quite a challenge for many of the students. Most of them are first-year Information Technology, Information Security/Forensics, and Networking, Security, and Systems Administration majors. They are very much techies who can easily grasp the nuances of a highly technical field. However, most of them aren’t used to communicating technical concepts to general audiences and many of them do not appreciate the value of blogs written by professionals. So we’re providing an opportunity that addresses both issues.

The blog launches the week of September 5th and should run through the end of November. I invite you to visit and comment on the posts.(Your comments will be held for moderation.)

I think it will be an interesting exercise.

What do you think?

RIT Cyber Self Defense Blog

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Cedrics Mom

September 4, 2011at 10:59 pm

Sounds like a great way for students to learn how to communicate techie info to a not-quite-as-techie audience. Looking forward to it.

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