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Is “Secure Mobile” an Oxymoron?

If you haven't noticed, mobile device use is pretty much ubiquitous. Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad, Windows Mobile, Palm, Google Android, Blackberry--all of these device families have their own Operating Systems that could be exploited by an attacker.  Yet, we're seeing more and more mobile device use in business settings. SMobile published a white paper yesterday (6/22), Threat Analysis of the Android Market,  ...
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Are location services on mobile devices a good thing?

I've always had mixed feelings about the location services (such as Google Latitude) offered by various mobile devices and by social networking sites. For example, is it a good thing to let people know where you are when you're tweeting? When we talk to the incoming first year class at RIT each fall, we talk about the potential danger of ...
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Choosing the Safest Browser

There's always discussion among techies about which internet browser is better. Most of them end up bashing Internet Explorer. Does it really matter which browser you use? Maybe, but not for the reasons you might think. Here's a list of the five most common browsers, in no particular order: Opera Firefox Safari Internet Explorer Google Chrome Which of these browsers ...
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On the Eve of the Latest Facebook Privacy Fix

Facebook is releasing its latest privacy fix on Wednesday, May 26. I don't have high expectations for the new controls as Facebook has not shown any ability to make the controls user friendly, or really understand what their users want for privacy. A much bigger issue is that we seem to have abrogated OUR responsibility to protect our private information ...
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Safe(r) Use of Social Media: Facebook, Blogging, and Online Privacy

Concerns over Facebook privacy settings have increased steadily, with more and more mainstream media running stories about the issues. Although it is possible to more or less "lockdown" your privacy settings, Facebook makes frequent changes that may require you to review these settings on a regular basis. CNET recently discussed the controversy and suggested two tools to help determine and ...
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