Bullet Proofing Your Career Online, Spectrum 2012

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Bullet Proofing Your Career Online, Spectrum 2012

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The brilliant Hannah Morgan and I presented Bullet Proofing Your Career Online at the STC Rochester Spectrum Conference. We’ll be presenting again at the STC Technical Communications Summit in Rosemont, IL in May. You won’t be able to experience our incredibly witty repartee, but I’ve embedded the slides below.

[slideshare id=12621512&doc=bulletproofingyourcareeronline41812-120420113742-phpapp01]

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1 Comment

Hannah Morgan (@careersherpa)

May 3, 2012at 5:09 am

Thanks and shucks!
It was my pleasure to present on this important topic is such a fun and engaging way!
Looking forward to sharing the podium with you at Summit!