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Twitter Use at #STC12 Summit — 17 Comments

  1. Ben, is it possible to pull a keywords list that excludes the 12 you mentioned? I’m sure most of us are interested in the actual content of the tweets, and not the repeated use of hashtags or “It’s” 😉

    • Tony,
      I’m sure it can be done. Kevin stripped out common words when he created his Wordle. However, that left mainly Twitter handles. They’ll need to be stripped out as well. If you want to give it a try, I can forward you Kevin’s msword doc. (I won’t be able to dig into it for another week or so.)

    • I agree with Tony. The number 5 word was odd – I’ll bet it comes from converting somewhere along the long. The ampersand gets transformed into its HTML version!
      The really frustrating thing is that you cannot see the 4601 tweets on The Archivist.
      I have a lot of tweets (not 4601) in my Google Reader, but I cannot extract them. That is, I don’t know how I can extract them. There is no easy button for it.
      I’m really surprised Twitter isn’t more helpful is letting people get at the archives. What started out as a simple chat tool for the office is turning into a real treasure-trove of information. There’s money in that! Maybe they need a technical communicator to tell them that. 🙂

      • Kevin’s doc should be helpful. I’ve saved out the rss from Google reader in the past but it was tedious with a much smaller number of tweets.

          • Karen,
            I need to review my notes, but I believe I summarized the process in my post two years ago. It was a bit painful.

  2. I’ve been using Twitter since June 2008, right after the 2008 STC Summit in Philadelphia, PA. I think I may tweet more during conferences, but I do regularly tweet on subjects of interest. I am surprised at how high up I am in some of these charts though – I could have sworn others tweeted more than I did! 🙂

  3. Oh man, I wasn’t even top 12 this year. But yes, I was doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff where I couldn’t tweet. Great analysis again, Ben – thanks!

    • Alyssa, you might not have made the top 12 twitter handles, but you show up prominently in the graphical representation word cloud!

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  5. Wow, am I embarrassed! I hope folks found my tweets useful, at least.

    Ben, thanks for putting this together. I’d love to have a copy of Kevin’s Word doc. STC should put together an ebook of the tweets from the days of the conference, if that’s possible. There’s an enormous amount of knowledge there that will disappear after a few weeks otherwise.

    • Andrea,
      Don’t be embarrassed! You were only that high because @afox98 and I were too busy behind the scenes to pump out a lot of tweets, and Tony didn’t make the conference!

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