The Secure Communicator–upcoming webinar

Has the Heartbleed bug made you more aware of the challenges you face trying to protect confidential or private information online? I’ll address the impacts of Heartbleed and other threats to your security in “The Secure Communicator,” an STC Education … Continue reading

A Techcomm Bestiary–My Next Lightning Talk

I’m developing a new lightning talk using the concept of a medieval bestiary. A bestiary is an illustrated compendium of beasts, popular in the middle ages. Bestiaries introduced people to real and fantastical creatures that they would never encounter. This … Continue reading

Technical Communications Skills Map

Technical Communications Skills Map | Red Gate Software Development. Have you wondered about the job possibilities available to you as a technical communicator? This skills map by Brian Harris provides a great view of where core techcomm¬†skills can take you. … Continue reading

STC President Nicky Bleiel Interview with Marcus Hunt from Owners Manual

Great interview by STC President Nicky Bleiel¬†of Marcus Hunt from AMC’s Owners Manual. Marcus is quite complimentary of technical communicators and their dedication of producing a well-written manual. Marcus also describes the usefulness of video in conveying a lot of … Continue reading

Upcoming Owners Manual series on AMC

Ever have trouble trying to figure out how to use something correctly? Ever make a BIG mistake? Ever wonder about the importance of usability in product design? Most of us can hop into a car and drive it successfully, although … Continue reading