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Unpacking My Takeaways from #STC11 — 11 Comments

  1. Ben: Your posts are always insightful. You touched on a lot of the same ideas that, had I the time this year, would have written in my own blog post. I also found that communication and community to be a big deal, and learned a lot more from the few Leadership Day sessions I attended than I originally expected.

    Being as far away from head office as we can in North America, it is easy to feel alienated and develop opinions on the board’s position that are counter to their actual belief. Leadership Day is an opportunity for everyone to get on the same initial starting point, and discuss ideas for moving forward. If necessary, these meetings could follow with a vote at the business meeting.

    I hope we make better effort to live stream Leadership Day next year, and provide two-way communication for more virtual participation.

    • Tony,

      In my opinion, Leadership Day has the potential to be the most important part of the conference in building strong communities–foundations, innovation, and an opportunity to build key connections who can help you weather the upcoming year.

      I believe there are plans for virtual leadership meetings this coming year.

  2. Hi, Ben, thanks for sharing! I didn’t attend the STC Summit, so I’m making up by reading tweets and blog posts like yours.

    I saw a lot of the stc tweets, I’m estimating 10-20% of the 5000. However, apart from the ones about O’Reilly’s keynote, I found the noise ratio higher than at other conferences I attended or didn’t attend. Many were about sessions beginning or cheerleading (“So and so is totally nailing it…”) or RTs.

    Maybe it has to do with the cross section of tweets I saw, but I was missing the play-by-play key point tweets that made twitter so valuable during other conferences. Just my impression.

  3. Hi Kai,
    Thanks for commenting. I think there’s a lot of data mining to be done with the tweets. I’ve only skimmed the surface in what I’ve looked at. It would be interesting to see how the tweets tie to specific sessions during the conference. Of course, with a fairly small number of people being responsible for a high percentage of tweets, that data is going to depend on what they attended.

    In the comments around my earlier post about Twitter use at the conference, we discussed the pros and cons of both tweeting during sessions and assigning a specific “tweeter” to each session. We did this at #security11, but only to one room.

    I don’t see any problem with the retweets as they may have helped draw readers to the #stc11 hashtag.

  4. Ben, I’m so happy to see such great press about Leadership Day! I couldn’t have wished for better outcomes!! I enjoyed finally meeting you in person and look forward to working with you this year.

    Warm regards,
    2011 Leadership Day Co-Manager
    2011-2012 CAC Co-Chair

    • Hi Vici,
      I know I’m starting to sound like a Leadership Day shill, but I really do think it’s valuable! Looking forward to working with you as well. (I have lots of ideas!)

  5. Ben,
    Great summary of your Summit experience! As others have said, your ideas and experiences parallel mine. All of us who know you or subscribe to the Rochester LinkedIn benefit from your insight and energy. Rock on!
    Past president of the East TN Chapter

  6. Hi Ben,
    this is great! Thanks for sharing. I couldn’t agree with you more. I also believe communities are the key to STC’s strength and future growth.
    I’m also glad you mentioned the importance of Leadership Day, and I also look forward to working with you more in the upcoming year.
    STC Director
    2011-2012 CAC Co-Chair

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  9. Ben, thanks for posting this, and especially for the comments about Leadership Day.

    I agree with all your points, particularly about the new member base and about the session content being number 10 on your list. For a look at some of these questions through another facet of the crystal, you might want to check out the post I just put on my own blog:

    “My sister didn’t go to the STC Technical Communication Summit. I did. Here’s how it happened.” which you can reach at


    It talks about only one aspect of the conference, your point 10 – and how that is an important part of attracting the new base.