Congratulations! Congratulations!! Congratulations!!! You are a Winner in the Microsoft Promotion!!

                                                           I received the email above today. Should I provide the information requested so I can start the process to claim my £500,000.00 GBR prize? Did anyone else receive this? Maybe I’m one of the lucky ten! … Continue reading

Password Strength Comic

This would fit right into my Ten Tips to Shockproof Your Use of Social Media Lightning Talk, except that it probably takes more than 15 seconds to read. Courtesy of XKCD Which of these passwords appears to be stronger? Are … Continue reading

Top Ten Tips for Safe(r) Social Networking

Did you know you’re a target every time you go online? Did you know that cyber criminals are targeting social networking sites? Do you know how to recognize a phishing attempt? Following these tips will help make your use of … Continue reading

How Much Does Facebook Know About You? The Two Facebook Dogs Revisited

I attended RIT’s Faculty Institute for Teaching and Learning this week. Mark Greenfield, SUNY Buffalo, delivered a keynote on “Born to be Wired: Technology, Communication, and the Millennial Generation.” There was a lot of useful content, and I encourage you … Continue reading

Ten Ways to Shockproof Your Use of Social Networking Lightning Talk

I had the privilege of presenting my 25-minute presentation on Shockproofing Your Use of Social Media as a five-minute Lightning Talk at the STC Summit in Sacramento on May 18th. Lightning talks introduce an additional element of stress for the … Continue reading

Digital Self Defense for Technical Communicators, Part One

Digital Self Defense for Technical Communicators was first published in the Society for Technical Communication‘s Intercom magazine in November 2010. I’ll be reproducing the article in several parts over the next few days. What do technical communicators need to know … Continue reading